After graduating, we wanted more than the typical nine to five job. Something we’d enjoy doing together that would also make an impact on others’ lives and bring together our family and friends. An online business made sense for our situation; we both had full time jobs. We explored our options and quickly realized it was a no brainer to join the e-commerce world and source something we LOVE; clothing and anything that makes women feel good in our own skin.

When we first began building our business, neither of us had a clue what it took to run a successful business, but we had our friendship and faith that we’d figure it out. We’ve focused a lot on how we can be great business partners for each other and feel we have built a pretty solid foundation for our business due to that. We’ve grown a lot in the last two years and have learned a lot about each other both personally and professionally.

Skills that make a great business partner
Open mindedness and creativity
Passion and motivation
Shared vision and goals
Ability to build strong relationships


The most responsible for our successful partnership thus far is our compatible skillsets. Having a business partner with a compatible skill set is super important because you need to ensure all areas of the business are covered with some level of expertise. We discovered our individual strengths and divided the responsibilities of the business in line with that. We feel it’s made for an equal and fair partnership. Learn a little about our individual roles below.

Meet Katie 

Kind-hearted | Honest | Hard working 

Individual Responsibilities
Marketing - website and graphic design, social media content, email marketing and advertisement, communications, etc.
Writer - writer and editor of our blog content
Website maintenance - ensures the website is up to date with the latest speed, technology and efficiencies
IT support - liaison between customers and technical support to work out any difficulties

Admin - legal and compliance, supply order, etc. 

Meet Brittany 

Funny | Ambitious | Trustworthy 

Individual Responsibilities
Marketing - email marketing, content calendar, social media, communications
Finances/accounting - ensures our bookkeeping is up to date, analyzes and compares our month to month, year to year sales, etc.
Inventory management - checks in and uploads new inventory to the system with photos, descriptions, pricing and weights
Website maintenance - keeps website up to date with current styles

Shipping/receiving - processes, fulfills and accounts for all incoming and outgoing shipments and packages; and processes any returns.  

While we each have individual responsibilities within the business, we’re both actively involved in most areas and share several responsibilities, including, business development and sales strategies, business performance management, financial performance and goals; and purchasing.
If you want to be a great business partner, have an open mind and discover your individual strengths. We believe that every day we wake up is an opportunity to learn something new and be better than we were the day before. Start by learning the skills of a great business partner and you’ll be on your way to building a successful business.
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