First off, we want to thank everyone that has supported us throughout our journey this past year. It’s been one of the greatest experiences of our lives. Of course, a business’s goal is to generate revenue, so thank you to everyone that has purchased from us. It’s not always easy to reach into your wallet and dish out said support. We all have bills, families to feed, and other expenses, so believe us when we say we get it.

A lot of people aren't aware that there are many ways to support us without spending a dime. Social Media is HUGE for us, it’s our main source of marketing and advertising for our business. It’s all about gaining exposure for our brand, in order to reach a larger audience.

You can follow us on Facebook HERE

There are several ways you can support us on Facebook. The Facebook algorithm is always changing, making it hard for businesses like ours to keep up. It’s a constant battle! The more likes and comments on a post, the greater the audience reach for that post. By sharing our posts on your page, you’re sharing our brand with your friends that may not have heard about us yet. The more eyes that we can get on our brand, the greater our chances of gaining a new customer. If you have friends that love to shop, feel free to add them to our page or VIP group. If you’ve made a purchase with us, please share your photos to our page or group and leave us a Facebook review about your experience. This helps those who are new to our brand, determine if they should shop with us. When you leave a review, you’ll receive 15% off your next purchase!

You can follow us on Instagram HERE

A few ways that you can engage with us on Instagram is by liking and commenting on our post and tagging us in your post. When tagging us, please use our hashtag #kbandcoboutique. By using our hashtag, it allows the post to be indexed and discover-able by those interested in our brand.

Vendor and Trunk shows are a fun way that you can support our business and see us in person. Vendor shows are public events. Small businesses get together and showcase their items for you to shop all in one place. If you or someone you know is hosting a vendor show, please tag or message us to let us know about the event. These shows are a great way for us to get our brand out in the public eye. Trunk shows are private events. These events are typically hosted at someone’s house. There are incentives for the host, who invites their friends and family over to mingle and shop. The host receives 20% of their parties’ total sales in KB&Co. spending cash. This is another great way to support us, hang out with friends, and get free clothing.

A recently added feature to our website is product reviews. This is a great way that our current customers can help our business. By leaving reviews for products you’ve purchased, you’re helping make our customers buying decisions a little easier. It also helps our new or uncertain customers with building trust in our brand. Product reviews let us and our audience know what our customers like about a product, how it fits, sizing suggestions and so much more!

By providing us feedback, it lets us know how we’re doing, what’s working and where improvements are needed. If you have wish list items that you'd like us to try to get; or if you have suggestions on products, let us know. We don’t know how we’re doing as a business without you. We LOVE to hear from you!

Spreading the word about our brand goes a long way!

We often run into family, friends, and even strangers who love something we're wearing, so we share our brand with them. If your friends and family know that you have trust in a company and brand, they’re more likely to share that same trust. If you have a business card of ours, let them snap a picture of it or grab a handful to pass out the next time you see us!

Help us out by utilizing these simple and FREE ways to support our small business. Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us!

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